Sunday, April 1, 2012

God is so smart!

God knows exactly what to say, when it needs to be said!! haha I have no doubt about that. I was reading chapter 3 in the new book I'm reading and this part stood out to me. Let me just set the scene. Eric Ludy is painting us a picture using the imagery of God opening all the "rooms" of his life to take over and God is about to enter in the room marked "Relationships with the Opposite Sex". Eric is pleading with him to leave that room alone and this is what Eric writes next:

" 'God! Someone may see me looking like an idiot . . . someone who knows I'm also a Christian. You wouldn't want that to happen! That might give You a bad name!'
Have you ever noticed that God never loses a debate? God made it clear to me in His ever-gentle way that if He were concerned about His reputation, He would not have chosen someone like me to represent Him in the first place. And if He were pursuing popularity, he would not have allowed Himself to be hung naked between two thieves on a cross."

That part in the book struck me so hard in my chest, I was in tears. It really tore my heart. I felt like this was God saying "Tiffany, don't worry about how your ex is feeling about you or myself right now. Many hated me and if anyone hates you, rely on me and everything will work out for my glory . . . Just wait and see!" I do believe God has a purpose for everything. I truly do believe that. But my heart is wanting to plead with my ex to follow God. But I know all I can do now is plead with God and give him my hurt and desperation to help my lost friend. Even though my ex and I no longer talk, I care about what happens to him. As tears are falling from my eyes now, I want to pray to God.

"God, I am begging you to show him(my ex) your face. Show him how much he needs you and how much better his life would be if he let you in to take over. I am pleading with you to allow him to see the right way. I want him in heaven praising you and I want him to be truly happy within your boundaries. Please, let him come to you. Please"
. . . . Amen

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