Friday, May 4, 2012

Well . . . Less than 4 days and then I am home. It never occurred to me how much I was going to miss being with my friends from school. Wednesday night was "Senior Send Off" at S.T.A.N.D (campus ministry) and that was when I got emotional. Even though I am not a senior, I wont be returning next semester. My closest friend here (Alyssa) is a senior and she is someone that I hope to be best friends with one day.

She was the first to introduce herself and she has always invited me out to do things. She has a heart for people and I can see her passion for God. I just love her! Also all the girls from my bible study are such beautiful people. They are loving and sweet and I am sad that I have to leave them. But they are understanding of my situation and I am hoping to see some during the summer.

With school ending, I'm having to put a lot of faith in God with my future and I just want to do whats right and not have other people judge me or criticize me for what I do. I want to please God and that's all that matters. I hope people see that and can understand that's all I want to do. I want to make him proud and I want him to know that I will follow him where ever he leads me.

Pray for continual faith and trust and obedience :) God Bless

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I have to get this out . . .

As of Now

I'm doing just fine
How about you
It seems like you moved on
Yes, I did too
I bet your wondering why
I dropped you do cold
I don't quite understand
How you don't know

Don't you remember the conversation we had
Nights before I dropped your heart from my hand

I wish we had a different ending
than we have now
Can we change this somehow
I know how we are now and our love can't work baby
I want to be wrapped in your arms eternally
But we can't work as of now

Know that I love you
I will never forget you
But we're two different people
You know that's the truth
I know your intentions
can be kind and [so] sweet
But deep in your heart of hearts
You could never handle me

How could you not see the pattern of my actions
You know my desire, I wont force you to have it


Oh, I wish we had a chance
Oh, I won't change what I want
Oh, it's tearin' me up inside
Oh, Oh I wish we could have one more try

C(2x - ad lib.)


I just needed to write this song to get some of my feelings out so I am not keeping them inside. A bunch of girls were talking about their relationships and my ex kept popping in my head. Plus we were watching a movie and it was all about second chances and I started to feel guilt about what I did (cutting him off). I know I needed to do it but my emotions were getting the best of me. SO, the only way I know how to help is to write a song about it. So that is what I did. It makes me feel better and it helps me get back on track! 

10 more days :)

I have 10 more days of school left and I am ready to come home for the summer. I am ready to get some money so I am not so broke :) I do have a lot to do this summer regarding school and work and decisions, etc. It is going to be a summer of pure reliance on God. I need to follow him even closer if I am going to to survive. I'm getting more and more worried about how I am going to do. Whenever I was home (for the past year), I got in trouble and it was not good for my family and myself. I just want to make the right choices and follow what is best.
Like I said, I feel closer than ever with God right now and I don't want to loose that. Every time I am home, I get nervous that Derek will be there. In my head I think about if I ever did run into him, how I would handle it; how he would handle it. I just want to be me and not be so concerned with worldly stuff. I'm on a great road and I see that my future is only going to get better. I'm excited for this journey and I don't need the distractions that will stray me away.
A lot is going on with school and with what my plans will be in the future. I feel like my patience is wearing thin and I know I need to stay positive and not get so stressed about it. My life is in God's hands now and I need to stay on track with being faithful to his timing and his plans for me..
I am reading "Hinds' Feet on High Places"; currently on chapter 8. It is such a good book and here is a quotes that struck my heart
"When you wear the weed of impatience in your heart
instead of the flower Acceptance-with-Joy, you will always
find your enemies get an advantage over you."
That is so true and I am the first one to say that I have witnessed that. We need to be constantly focused on Christ and have our thoughts devoted to him. When we do that, we have no time to feed our minds with the sins of our flesh.
Stay focus and stay faithful, my friends :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncontrolled Passion

For the past few weeks, the intensity of my passion for God is strong. Stronger than I have ever experienced. Like even know, It makes my body tense up because I just want to be in constant praise. There is like a surge of adrenaline that runs through my body. That might sound strange but that's how I feel. I walk with my music constantly playing in my ears and I just want to stop walking, lift my hands and sing praise to God right in the middle of the campus. Man, I cant put it in the right words. It is incredible and I am in love with that feeling. All I want to do is give him praise. Almost every time I listen to a song praising him, I cry or I get choked up. I am overwhelmed with the changes in my life and I want to repay him with my life and with my service I can bring to him. He deserves all my praise. Even now, I am filled with emotion. I want to praise him so badly and spread that love I have with the world everyday I am breathing.
I encourage you to read Psalms 18. This chapter, I feel, relates to how God rescued me. Its a beautiful picture of how we cry out for God in our sinful ways and he comes. He does not love our sin but he wants to be the rescuer of our lives. He wants to lift us up from our valleys and mend us to health. I just love the details of this chapter because it shows Gods mercy, love and compassion for his people even if we seem too broke to to be fixed. It is because of that reason that I want to be in eternal worship with Christ. He deserves my all and that is what I intend to give him!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Oh this song is so beautiful and all I want to do is praise God . . . I just love this!!! I hope you feel the same way :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Facebook . . . NO MORE :)

Well, I decided to deactivate my Facebook. Lately, I have been getting emails and comments from people that are not letting me focus on whats important in life. It got to the point were I almost dreaded opening it up. So once I noticed that, I knew it was not good for me to stay on there. I will miss having contact with people who brought joy in my life and keeping contact with my family but I really need to keep my mind and heart on better things than what I was recently experiencing. So hopefully, I can survive . . . oh of course I will survive!!! haha If I didn't, then that would be a major problem :p

OH and by the way . . . I have only 3 more chapters in "When God Writes Your Love Story" :) :) :) Praise the Lord!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Culture Based

Chapter 11 in "When God Writes Your Love Story", had this particular quote that stood out to me:
"To experience a God-written love story, our standards for what we are seeking in a
relationship cannot be determined by our culture. Our standards should be radically higher
than the rest of the world. Not that we are going to be perfect or have a perfect relationship,
but we should be aiming our arrow at the right target---applying the very nature and character
of Jesus Christ in our attitude toward the opposite sex."

Leslie Ludy (co-author) describes a story about how women obviously long for that "Prince Charming" who is supposed to sweep us off our feet. Its something we wanted as little girls and we still strive to have that perfect relationship. If I were to ask you what is the perfect guy you have envisioned for yourself, what would that be? If you are married, think of what they used to be when you were a kid. Leslie uses this examples: treats me like a princess, sensitive, tender, gentle, brave, full of integrity, servant-hearted and honorable.
Who do you think can fill those standards in our lives?
Jesus Christ
I think we feel those desires to have that perfect man in our lives because we cant take the time to notice that God is all of that to us. When we look for a guy to enter into a life-long relationship, we need to focus on Christ-like characteristics because that will ultimately bring us the most joy that God intended for us to experience.