Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncontrolled Passion

For the past few weeks, the intensity of my passion for God is strong. Stronger than I have ever experienced. Like even know, It makes my body tense up because I just want to be in constant praise. There is like a surge of adrenaline that runs through my body. That might sound strange but that's how I feel. I walk with my music constantly playing in my ears and I just want to stop walking, lift my hands and sing praise to God right in the middle of the campus. Man, I cant put it in the right words. It is incredible and I am in love with that feeling. All I want to do is give him praise. Almost every time I listen to a song praising him, I cry or I get choked up. I am overwhelmed with the changes in my life and I want to repay him with my life and with my service I can bring to him. He deserves all my praise. Even now, I am filled with emotion. I want to praise him so badly and spread that love I have with the world everyday I am breathing.
I encourage you to read Psalms 18. This chapter, I feel, relates to how God rescued me. Its a beautiful picture of how we cry out for God in our sinful ways and he comes. He does not love our sin but he wants to be the rescuer of our lives. He wants to lift us up from our valleys and mend us to health. I just love the details of this chapter because it shows Gods mercy, love and compassion for his people even if we seem too broke to to be fixed. It is because of that reason that I want to be in eternal worship with Christ. He deserves my all and that is what I intend to give him!

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