Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Culture Based

Chapter 11 in "When God Writes Your Love Story", had this particular quote that stood out to me:
"To experience a God-written love story, our standards for what we are seeking in a
relationship cannot be determined by our culture. Our standards should be radically higher
than the rest of the world. Not that we are going to be perfect or have a perfect relationship,
but we should be aiming our arrow at the right target---applying the very nature and character
of Jesus Christ in our attitude toward the opposite sex."

Leslie Ludy (co-author) describes a story about how women obviously long for that "Prince Charming" who is supposed to sweep us off our feet. Its something we wanted as little girls and we still strive to have that perfect relationship. If I were to ask you what is the perfect guy you have envisioned for yourself, what would that be? If you are married, think of what they used to be when you were a kid. Leslie uses this examples: treats me like a princess, sensitive, tender, gentle, brave, full of integrity, servant-hearted and honorable.
Who do you think can fill those standards in our lives?
Jesus Christ
I think we feel those desires to have that perfect man in our lives because we cant take the time to notice that God is all of that to us. When we look for a guy to enter into a life-long relationship, we need to focus on Christ-like characteristics because that will ultimately bring us the most joy that God intended for us to experience.

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