Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 21 in my 90 Study

Really cool passage from Beth Moores book:

"But Psalms 46:10 tells us what to do when we're not so sure where we fit in God's action plan. The psalm says, "Cease striving and know that I am God".
Yep. Be still and know it ourselves. Don't default into our past. Don't jump the gun for our future. Just behold and know. Instructions will come when the time is right. In the meantime, just be --- even though being is so much harder than doing, isn't it?"

Like you all know, I stress, that is the killer in my life. I worry about everything and its not very healthy! BUT I have to say, since I have been drawing closer to Christ, I am just going with the flow of life. I'm happy and I am try to stay that way with "riding the wave" of this journey I am on! I am so glad that that's what I am supposed to do. While we are waiting, we feel like we need to do something in order to feel like we are "good Christians". But sometime, God just calls us to wait and live life for him and see where he takes us; what doors he opens.

. . . something else that just popped in my head. You know when you see a movie and there is really intense music to match the intense action? Then all of a sudden, the music just stops! When that music stops, usually its to really get our emotions running with passion or excitement or whatever. It makes our blood flow to its ultimate speed.
When we go through life with all of this stuff going on like the intense music and action, God can bring those moments of rest and stillness in order to build our emotions (like the silence) and bring our attention to something really important he wants to teach us!

I hope this all makes sense because in my head, it totally does! I hope you guys are getting it! haha

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