Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pure in Thought

Throughout the past few weeks and months, engaging in things that would affect pure thoughts were easy to maneuver. Trust in God for strength in the aspect of relationships and purity were coming very easily after I allowed him to re control my life! But we fail at times and we think we are invincible after we have reconnected with God.
We indulge our earthly wants with magazines, websites, and especially movies. Films that create this nearly impossible fantasy life of being in a passionate relationship where nothing goes wrong enters our minds and we hope that's our reality. But as for me, I watch that and I want to go back to a relationship where I was happy physically (holding hands, kissing and showing affection) but in my heart, never really brought me peace. That is not the life God wants for us and if we daily rededicate our lives to God and trust in his plan for us, we will have the most fulfilling life we could ever imagine. Trust and patience is what will bring us through times of loneliness. He will provide a life that will benefit his glory and we will see that a life without him . . . is pointless.


  1. great insight... seeing a changed heart

  2. oops... that comment was made by me not you :). You weren't signed out :)