Monday, April 2, 2012

I am currently on my 20th day of Beth Moores "John" 90 day study and it's pretty cool how God's timing worked well involving this weeks studies. Right now, I am reading about Jesus death and resurrection and it happens to be the week of Easter! So I just though that was really cool how he worked that out!
In this chapter, it talked about how God died on the cross and about how we handle situations of either death of a loved one or some tragedy. She talks about how Jesus handled it and how we need to go about dealing with it. Even though I have not died physically (obviously), I have died from my old self into a new creation. There is a quote . . . actually 2 quotes I wanted to share from this lesson:
"When death of some kind comes and we are willing to take it to the cross, to remain nearby, and to suffer its grief, we will also experience the resurrection.".
-Something that stood out to my in the line was ". . . and to suffer its grief". I don't know why but I always thought it not OK to grieve in a situation like greiving a lost relationship like I had with my ex. It's OK to grieve and even another line says that guilt is a normal part of it too. Which I definitely have that upon me now. It's a natural part of the healing process that I need to realize that it's OK. Now, I should not sulk in it but I need to go through that and in the end, become victorious!
. . . here is another line from the study:
"And as a child bearing the name of Christ, if a part of you has died, in time it was meant to produce many seeds."
-That line just ties perfectly to the previous book that I read, "Deep unto Deep". Good will come from giving up a sinful life. With laying that old way down, we will become the children of God he calls us to be and spread his love to the unsaved people of this world.

I just got done reading Chapter 4 in the Ludy's book and the way these chapters are broken down (as of now), Eric writes a chapter or two and then Leslie writes some chapters. So this chapter was from Leslie. She wrote a paragraph that I wanted to share with you that really struck with me:
"Sometimes in a relationship, we can be so caught up in our feelings for the other person that we squeeze God into the background. It becomes a confusing, emotional mess, and we wonder why God isn't giving us more direction, when all the while He is there, waiting to be allowed back into first place in our hearts. Only when He is truly in first place are we ready for a God-written love story."
-That is exactly why my ex and I would never work. The word "feelings" is something that girls, in general, are cursed with taking to the extreme. We run on our emotions and don't THINK logically and biblically about what God calls for our love lives. That is something we forget and eventually suffer from. I completely relate to that passage in the book!

I hope you see how your love story needs to be run and if you are not sure, look at God's word and I recommend this book Im reading. Take action and you will be amazed at the adventure Christ takes you one. Even though God has not brought that guy into my life yet, I trust he will and I trust that God will make it a great love story to glorify his name!

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