Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Demi Lovato's "Stay Strong"

As you all know, I LOVE TO SING and I love learning more about the singers that I enjoy listening to. One singer that I have grown fond of is Demi Lovato. Short and sweet; she was a Disney star and a musician and to her own surprise, a role model. In doing so she was struggling with not eating, purging, as well as self mutilation. She ended up going into treatment and getting help where she found out that she was bi-polar. Now she is light years better but still struggling with things. Overall, she is stronger to handle the issues now than before. While watching her story, it made me really look at my own life. I have not dealt with purging or being bi-polar but I have dealt with other issues in my life to get through pain, loneliness and anger that are not healthy just like her. In her story, she has come such a long way and I feel like I know exactly what she is going through.
I am not proud of my past but I am proud of where I am today compared to where I was. I wish I could say that I regret everything that happened to me but I cant. I am glad I went through what I did because I would have NEVER learned what I know now. I never intentionally put myself through the ringer but I was allowed to go to that place of terror and pain so I can learn that I hate those places. I know the difference between my highs and lows now because I have been at both of those points. I know now what I can handle and how I should handle those certain situations. Now, I feel great! Like Demi, it is a daily struggle to not go back to where you were but it does get easier everyday. My hope is that one day, I can be 100% free and I think I can . . . I know I can and I believe in myself that I can! I was so naive which was good to an extent but I am glad that I know more now about life and about struggles of this world. I have been through some of them and now I know I can deal with them. I am blessed to be where I am and I know I can share with the world how I am overcoming these demons. That's what I want to do through my music and my lyrics. I want to express what I have been through in my life so people can relate and overcome their own troubles just like I am doing right now :) It is possible to come from the grave of your past and rise to the mountaintops of our future!

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  1. I love hearing what God is doing in your heart and your life sis. It sounds like he is drawing you deeper and that is always an exciting journey. What an amazing thing to think that the Creator of the universe desires a deep relationship with his creation. It's humbling. Love ya girl. Keep writing!