Monday, March 26, 2012

Chapter 8 in "Deep unto Deep"

This chapter was about communion; being close with God and feeling that connection with him when we think he is so far away. Our lives are meant to crave God instead of earthly cravings. Every time distractions come, we tend to think how WE can handle it but rarely do we cry out for God to take over and that's something we need to train our minds to do. In coming to God when we are struggling, we find our relationship with him stronger and more dependable. His love for us is always in reach. We can find his love when we are on cloud 9 or when we are so down that we cant see the light. His love is always able to be checked out!
I know a lot of times, I felt him so far away and I would ask "Why are you so far away from me when I need you?". But instead of that question, I should have been asking "Are you near?" and HE IS! If you can not sense God's presence near you, you need to evaluate your heart and maybe, it is because your heart is the thing that is far. I can totally relate to that statement! God is never far from us, the only thing that is far from our minds is totally comprehending his plan and all about him. But that is OK because with not understand him fully, that makes us wanting more and that is where we need to be like, desiring God more everyday. Dana explains that we need to ask ourselves why he seems so far away from us. It might seem that way because of our lack of knowledge of him and our doubt that he is near which I totally agree with!
Its all about how we look at our situation. We have to see the positive side and believe that no matter what we go through, God is near and waiting for us to come running to him fully abandoned and ready to follow him completely!

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