Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chapter 6 Meaningful Lines

YAY! I am half way through the book and I am loving it!
But for some reason, this chapter, as a whole, didn't really reach my heart. But there were lines from it that didn't leave my mind until I wrote them down. There are a lot of them but I would encourage you to read them and maybe they will impact you or teach you something. Here they are:

"To know that I am dark yet lovely is to understand my weakness, which is comprised of my sinfulness, my immaturity and my natural limitations together with the revelation of my loveliness to Him."

"When I lie on my bed at night and long for victory in my weak areas, He esteems my longing precious and receives my cry."

"We are far weaker than we realize and far lovelier than we realize, and yet even in our greatest weakness God receives in us more beauty than we can imagine."

"When He[Satan] comes to deceive me into taking pride in my beauty or strength, I respond with the vivid remembrance of my weakness"

"Our loveliness protects us from shame and condemnation, and our weakness keeps us from pride and arrogance."

"The enjoyment of God comes as we fiercely seek to overcome those weak areas of sin and compromise in our lives through the power of His love."

"Even when we fail utterly and stumble miserably in this pursuit, His pleasure over us is not diminished."

"He is not a God of fractions but of fullness."

"It is the one who is in this wholehearted pursuit of Him, fleeing darkness and pursuing light, that He calls lovely."

"We begin to recognize that our loveliness to Him is not based on our success or failure but on His own definition."

"He places dignity and value upon the very reach of our hearts to belong fully to Him. He calls it a 'willing spirit.' He sees tremendous beauty in our choice to move toward Him in the times when we would rather run and hide because of our darkness."

"Open your heart to Me. I know your flesh is weak, but I am moved with love by your willing spirit. The opening of your heart, the very movement toward Me as you are faced with your weakness is most lovely to Me."

"It is a sign of truly comprehending the heart of our Beloved when we reach for His love from the pit of our darkness. When we take this risk, we demonstrate our confidence in the strength of His love and the certainty of His enjoyment. Not until we have exercised this reach will we begin to drink of the deepest wells of salvation."

"We determine our nearness to Him by a false evaluation system and we deny ourselves the gift of what His blood already paid for in redemption. The truth is that He does not receive me nor deny me access to His presence based on my own righteousness but always on the foundation of the cross and redemption. Clothed in His own righteousness, I am given continuous free access to His throne of grace so that I might come boldly before Him with full confidence and complete assurance. I am set free by the blood of Jesus, and I can bring nothing to the table to motivate the heart of God into the response of forgiveness. He desires me by His own self-replenishing love that exists within Himself, unaltered by my response."

"The power of redemption was its glorious ripping away of the veil between the weak and the Great High Priest. He tore the veil in two that I might approach Him freely without hindrance."

"To keep myself at a distance is more than unnecessary; it is sin and one of Satan's most subtle ways of stealing from our hearts. When we do this, we agree with the lie that our weakness is greater than Jesus' work of redemption, and we stand in the way of God Himself by counting our own evaluation of our hearts higher than His. We offer Him no favors to distance ourselves from Him, rather we deny Him the nearness that His blood paid for."

I know that was a lot but I am happy to share them to whoever reads them and I hope one or more of these lines will teach something to you :)

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