Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapter 5 in "Deep unto Deep"

Dana paints a picture of how important we are to God. As soon as I read it, I could not help but smile because it refers to music. The question came up "How could he desire me above all the others and yet love all the others in the same way he loves me?". The way she explained it as us being many songs in Gods musical heart. Each person has a different song to sing based on history, life experiences and upbringing. Not one person has the EXACT same story. We all show off different parts of his image. He is so complex that everyone is different in his eyes yet they are all extremely important to him and his plan. To know that I can sing my song to him and for him made me feel happy. I would even go as far as to say that it made my passion to sing christian music more intense. If I never get to fulfill my dream as a professional singer, I know that my song will be heard in Christ's ear and that is all that matters!

Another really cool part of this chapter talks about comparing ourselves to other people's journey. We try to see if we are doing OK with how we are living life and if we are doing someone wrong, compared to another persons journey, then we assume we're failing. But Dana uses a statement that really stuck out to me:

"Every season has value, and ever day is a part of bringing me forward into the fullness He has ordained
 for me. I must go my own way because that is the only way. There truly is no option except to lose my way. To take the detour of trying another's path is just that, a detour. My heart was made for my way, and that is the pathway into His heart He has laid out for me."

I don't believe that regretting the path we took is productive. We may not be proud of it BUT we should, in a way, embrace it. We need to use it as a learning experience. I love this particular part in the book because I know I used to compare my life to others but as time went by, I took my past experience as Dana explains. If you look at your life as YOUR "designed" path, you will learn to accept that and take it as a tool to live the rest of your life the way God intends it.

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