Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 3 Quotes in "Deep unto Deep"

I wanted to share some really great quotes in the book that I am reading. I hope they mean something to you like that do to me:

"Until we are discontent, we will never find ultimate contentment. Until we are brought out of our spiritual slumber, we will never find the corridor of Love's unfolding"

"It takes God to love God. It takes the power of God on the human heart for the human heart to move in love for God. He is the One who awakens love in our hearts. To seek to describe the journey of the human heart, we must begin with him, for He is forever the Beginning and the End. It never begins with us; he causes love to awaken."

"There is a definite struggle and a certain affliction to this wilderness as we seek to draw near to Him and are confronted with all the clutter and noises in our inner voices succumbing under the lordship of the Voice like many waters. Yet we must not grow faint with discouragement in the delay. We must remain in the stretchings of this conflict of soul and continue to wait for the breaking in of His voice of affection. We must find comfort in the fact that it is for this reason He has brought us to this wilderness; to find the Bridegroom's voice."

These lines in the book struck a chord in my heart and they inspire me to stick through seasons of dryness so I can come out victorious in Christ Jesus!

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