Friday, March 23, 2012

2am Thought

While I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I started to think of unproductive things. I was starting to think about my Ex, not in a "wanting to get back together with him" way but just thinking about him. I was thinking about his life and how I wish we could have been friends so I could help him. I started to feel guilty about cutting him off because I know he probably hates me for doing so and I pray that he does not put a bad association with Christians because of what I did. I know I can't worry about what he thinks or does because I can't do anything about it. He controls his own mind and no matter what other people do, he has the choice to do whats right and whats wrong.
Anyways, I was struggling to focus on God. I was having selfish thoughts and I was trying to regroup myself and my thoughts but it was hard. So I tried to focus on scripture and I realized that I need to have a group of scripture that can help me with worrying, pleasing others, fear, etc (anything that keeps me in bondage). I was also trying to think of songs that could help me focus and for some reason I just could not do that. With me being in love with music like I am, you can know how frustrating that was.
So my goal for tomorrow (other than homework) is to search for some tools to help me out. I think I really need to focus on lyrics to songs to relate to. Another thing is gather scripture to help me overcome this hurtle I am current trying to jump. So if you have suggestions of verses to help me or particular songs that could help me, please share. Any little encouragement will be greatly appreciated! I love you all dearly :)

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  1. Eph 4:22-23. You are struggling with your mind, if your mind is upward focused your heart and attitude will be transformed. God is working in you,
    I can see it.