Monday, February 27, 2012

Think Again

Last night I wrote this song called "Think Again". Its about my current situation with my Ex. As of today, I have deleted him from my cellphone (blocked his number) and deleted/blocked him from my facebook. There was no way that I would move on from him if he was in my life. Plus yesturday I found out information that did not make me worth keeping in my life. So anyways, this song is describing what I am feeling. Here are the lyrics:

Think Again
Who do you think you are
You broke into my heart
and then you took control
But then their you go
You steal my heart and soul
and choose to tie it up in knots

Oh O Oh, Oh O Oh, their you go
Oh O Oh, Oh O Oh

Think again, you will never again
get my heart, no no
Think again, you wont win my heart
ever again, ever again, again

Why would you tell me lies
Just to get a rise
That will burn my fire, hotter and hotter
Come a step closer
Promise I wont bit ya
I'll just give what you deserve



Baby you, get a clue
your nothing to me anymore
You want me around
Oh you better back down, honey
Cause I'll kick your face to the ground


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