Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Great Method

Yesterday, I was feeling worried that I was going to run back to the way that I didn't want go. I didn't want my Ex to think I was a bad person for doing what I did. Worse, I didn't want him to think that all Christians are bad because of what I have done. So I thought it would have been a good idea to record a video message to him explain my reasoning for doing so. I recorded a few and as I was recording them, I realize that It was making me feel better. I was really going to send one but then I knew that If I sent it, I would immediately regret doing it and I would be worst off. BUT I was so glad to record what I was feeling and actually see myself saying what my heart was feeling. I discovered that it was a great method to calm me down and it was a way for me to tell him how I have been feeling without needed to come in contact with him. Its kind of like closure. So I am SO glad I never sent the videos. After I recorded them, I deleted them and I do feel better. I think it will help me move on past the hurt that I am feeling and the pain that he put me through :) It still hurts but . . . baby steps :) Ill heal in time and I cant wait for that day!!

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  1. Good for you finding out the right thing to do , you're learning not to react from emotions, but taking time to reflect and making right choices. Love you so much !